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Voting by Mail

UPDATE: As of Oct 28th, do not put your ballot in the mail. There is not enough time. Instead, bring it in person to the post office on 501 W. Main St. in downtown Knoxville. Additional post office locations for all Tennessee counties.

Step 1: Be sure you are eligible to vote by mail in Tennessee.

  • Check your eligibility
  • For the 2020 general election, the rule that you must vote in person your first time has been lifted, however you must include a copy of your photo ID or a current piece of mail with your address on it if you did not register through the Tennessee online portal.

Step 2: Request a ballot

  • Print a Ballot Request Form, complete and mail to your election commission; OR
  • Don’t have a printer? Call your county election commission and ask them to send you a Ballot Request Form; OR
  • Mail, Fax, or Email the following information to your election commission. Your signature must be hand-written.
    • Name of the registered voter
    • Address of the voter’s residence
    • Voter’s social security number
    • Voter’s date of birth
    • Address to mail the ballot
    • The election in which the voter wishes to participate. If the election involves a primary, the political party in which the voter wishes to participate.
    • Reason the voter wishes to vote absentee. If applicable, a copy of the CDL containing the CDL number or the TWIC card must be included in the voter’s request.
    • Voter’s signature

Step 3: Complete your Ballot Request Form

  • Be sure to complete ALL required parts of the form; AND
  • Be sure to sign your signature by hand; AND
  • Mail, Fax, or Email your Ballot Request Form to your county election commission. If you mail, don’t forget a stamp.
  • If you are voting for the first time and your first time is by mail (absentee) AND you did not register using the Tennessee online registration portal, you will need to include one of the following

The following procedures apply to first-time registered voters:  

  1. A first-time mail-registered voter can satisfy the ID requirements by submitting a copy of their ID when they mail in their absentee by-mail ballot. 
  2. Valid ID is a copy of either a current and valid photo identification issued by the federal or Tennessee state government (such as drivers license) or current utility bill, bank statement, government check, paycheck, or other government document that shows the name and address of the voter.

    The following categories of voters do not have to submit ID in order to vote absentee by-mail:
    1. Voters who submitted a copy of their ID with their by-mail registration form. 
    2. Voters who registered to vote through the state’s online voter registration system. 
    3. Military personnel, their family members and overseas voters (UOCAVA voters).
    4. ADA voters with inaccessible polling places.
    5. Voters on the permanent absentee list.
    6. Voters enrolled in the Safe-at-Home program.

Step 4: Complete your Ballot

  • Check your mailbox every day and complete your ballot ASAP.
  • Be sure to complete ALL required parts on the ballot; AND
  • Be sure to sign your signature by hand;

Step 5: Mail your Ballot

  • Your ballot MUST be mailed.
  • Be sure to put the address of your county’s election commission
  • Put a first class stamp or “forever stamp” on the upper right hand corner.
  • Mail your Ballot back as soon as you get it. Your ballot must be received by the election commission by the end of the day on election day. Don’t take a chance. Mail it as soon as you get it.

Step 6: Track your Ballot

  • Be sure your ballot gets to the election commission using this tracker
  • Contact your county election commission if it has been several days and it does not show received.

Remember! If you want to vote by mail, you need to do the above process for EACH election.